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Dr Tadych Biography
Dr. Tadych spent his childhood summers in the Lakeland area. Some of the things he did then, he also enjoys today, such as hunting and fishing. Although he doesn’t have as much free time as he would like, he enjoys spending time with his family on the water, boating, and skiing. In the winter months, you will find him ice-fishing here or snowmobiling out west, with his son, Ben. He occasionally ventures out on the hill for a turn at snow-skiing, while his daughter, Becca, snowboards. He and his wife, Lisa, enjoy remodeling and have accomplished several recent house projects. Dr Tadych Bow Hunting
Phesant Hunt Dr. Tadych’s interest in orthopedics began as a child, when a dislocated patella sent him to the hospital. After several castings and the following regimen of sport’s related treatment, he became fascinated with medicine, and particularly orthopedics. Although he had worked for many summers in construction with his family’s business “American Building Restoration,” in 1983 he was accepted into Medical School at the Medical College of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, and in 1987 began his Orthopedic Residency there. His parents still own and operate this business in Milwaukee, but are very proud to have a “doctor in the family.” The skills he learned in the family trade have helped him both in orthopedics and also in his passion to remodel/restore houses.